Collaborative Marketing Leverage Lab

Are you experiencing difficulties when it comes to differentiating yourself as a values-led business? In a world of copious Eco labels and greenwashing, we are finding that businesses like yours are struggling to stand out above the crowd. We know that by being the values-led business you are, you should be experiencing increased brand recognition, as well as higher sales conversions because your customers share your values.

So what? Consumers are confused by all the claims out there and don’t always know to choose your businesses over your competitor.  We believe that a shared marketing initiative amongst a carefully selected group of values-led businesses could really help you stand out above the crowd.

This collaborative initiative will help better speak to your target market and reap the following results:Smarketing Leverage Lab

  • Increased sales conversions

  • Increased traffic to website

  • Increased value of your brand

  • Elevation of your businesses as a leader in the collaborative/innovative space

  • Showcasing of your business as values-led (elite few can participate)



Shared Values + Shared Marketing = Increased Revenue

This Leverage Lab seeks to answer the following questions:

1) How can we collaborate to foster the growth of each others’ markets?

2) How can we work together to differentiate our businesses as values-led ? 

Here are the logistics:

  • 7-10 values-led businesses have been selected to participate

  • Face-to-face meetings will commence monthly for the duration of four months with the option to continue (see timeline for more info)

  • There is an initial $500 participation fee plus any shared marketing costs

  • All sessions will be facilitated by Sara Blenkhorn of Future Strategies (3 years working with values led businesses in Peer 2 Peer models)

Here is an outline of the timeline and process map (exact meeting dates will be facilitated upon group selection):



Interested in Participating?

Step #1) Make sure your business is eligible.

  • Do you have an employee who can input scheduled social media campaigns (sales and marketing person ideally)
  • Are you willing to give product, GC for gift basket and have promotion/QR code on gift basket swag?
  • Do you have your contact list already in a CRM system (organized contacts easily exportable to excel)
  • Are you Bcorp certified? If not, please fill out this Sustainable Business Self Assessment

If yes to all above questions, please proceed to step #2.

Step #2)Make your $500 payment to secure your spot. Send a check to Future strategies (2060 Pine St, V6J 4P8)

Step #3) Sign up, please fill out the following form and then hit the purple “contact me” button at the bottom to submit.  

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Are you a values-led businesses?

Do we have your full commitment for the duration of this Leverage Lab (4 month with the potential to renew)?

Why do you want to be a part of this Leverage Lab?

If this Leverage Lab were to be wildly successful, what would it look like?

Should you have any further queries, please contact Sara at: sara[at]

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