Vancouver Business Consortium – The LEVERAGE LAB

Jan. 28th 2013

Client: a selection of Vancouver’s most progressive values based business Leaders

  • Designed and developed a business consortium for progressive business leaders to discuss leverage, and strategic goals for a more resilient future.
  • The concept won popular vote at 2013 Change camp

Save on Meats

save-on-logo-300Dec. 2012

Organizational development strategies:

  • Increasing internal efficiencies and profit margins
  • Systematizing internal operations

hatfieldHatfield Consultants

July 2012 – Present

  • Developed a full sustainability strategy.
  • Implemented an engagement plan to embed the strategy into the DNA of the organization.

locosaltspringSustainability Advisor: Salt Spring Coffee Company (SSCC)

Subcontractor to LOCO B.C. for SSCC

Sept. 2011- Present

  • Set up internal engagement process around company’s commitments to sustainability;
  • Implemented internal waste monitoring and reporting process with feedback loops;
  • Facilitated in implementing sustainability into company communications and HR procedures;
  • Reported to management on tracking progress towards zero waste.

globeGLOBE Advisors

March 2012

  • Assisted in the development of a strategy for greening the business offerings for an eastern Province of Canada;
  • Studied the Climate Change and Energy Efficiency Action plans to determine low hanging fruit;
  • Made informed recommendations based on my findings.

unbcpgpirgPro Action Cafe Facilitator: University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC) & PGPIRG

Oct. 2011 – Dec. 2011

  • Developed a unique and catered facilitation methodology to suit clients needs;
  • Facilitated a half day Pro action Café to generate mini business plans for improvement of the campus composting system;
  • Assisted in the development of a final report.

spacOperational Sustainability Strategy and Strategic Process: The Society Promoting Environmental Conservation (SPEC)

Jan. 2011- Jan. 2012

  • Planned and facilitated a full day visioning session;
  • Assisted the organization with the education and adoption of a operational definition of sustainability;
  • Conducted a comprehensive baseline assessment and SWOT analysis;
  • Led organizational retreat and facilitated the action planning process.

locoMembership Coordination: LOCO BC

Jan. 2011- Jan. 2012

  • Set up custom membership tracking system;
  • Liaised with local business community to capture the successes and understand the challenges with collaboration, innovation and achieving their sustainability goals;
  • Recruited new members.

intuitzumerResearch project on Greening your business: Intuit – Subcontractor to Zumer for Intuit

Oct. 2011- Nov. 2011

  • Conducted a research project using the Appreciative Inquiry method to reveal key barriers for businesses that consider themselves green and want to be leaders in their field;
  • Developed methodologies for collecting quantitative and qualitative data;
  • Co-facilitated a workshop to brainstorm a value proposition for the client based on the research findings;
  • Co-created polished presentations with findings for the delivery to the client.

“On behalf of the Zumer team, I want to thank you and Future Strategies for collaborating with us on the Intuit project. Your combination of deep experience in sustainability and client-focused problem solving helped make the project a great success. We needed to a team member that was adaptable to dynamic circumstances and that could blend business acumen with razor sharp strategic thinking: It is my sincere pleasure to testify that you delivered as promised. We wish you every success in the future and look forward to many more successful collaborations”

Chris Godsall, Co-president of Zumer Interactive


Project Management of The Westside Pocket Market: Kits Neighborhood House & SPEC

June. 2011- Sept. 2011

  • Developed Operational Strategy and Implementation plan;
  • Secured sponsorship;
  • Developed relationships and rapport with local farmers/vendors;
  • Created systems to gather both qualitative and quantitative data, and measurements;
  • Developed a final polished report and presentation on results.

“Sara’s leadership, organizational skills and ability to connect with and inspire a diverse group of community members and businesses was key to the success of the West Side Pocket Market”

Catherine Leach – Executive Director of Kitsilano Neighborhood House

hblanarcResearch and report writing: HB Lanarc

March. 2011- May. 2011

  • Conducted a comprehensive literature review on Sustainable Economic Development practices;
  • Wrote a comprehensive report on Sustainable Economic Development.


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