How We Work

How we work

A strategy that reaps real results is one that is executed. The best way to empower your employees to execute on the plan is to invite them to participate in the planning process.

Our specialties lie in facilitating a structured space allowing the whole organization to take ownership over the process and expanding on internal expertise, knowledge and experience. This generates a shared sense of value and language around the vision and ownership over the chosen methods for getting there. During our work with clients, we maintain an overall focus on empowerment and participation while taking strategic steps towards their desired outcomes. It also allows us to work with you in a planned obsolesce manner, meaning that we set up the systems and teach you to run them, working ourselves out of the equation. The process we use is just as important as the outcome. Future Strategies is committed to this methodology and uses it throughout all of its projects.

Our Differentiation:

  • Deep understanding and shared language of environmental leadership based on the Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development (also referred to as The Natural Step)
  • Our approach: facilitate a process in which our clients are invited to participate in creating solutions specialized for their context providing a deep ownership and embedded empowerment over the process. “The answer to effective engagement is engagement”
  • Our focus: to maximize the effectiveness of engagement and action planning in collaboration with our clients to produce customized results verses “off the shelf” solutions
  • We are experts in authentic collaboration (engaging beyond sub-contracting or transactional) to produce results on large projects. “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”
  • We have earned a rich sense of multiculturalism & diversity, providing a strong ability to tailor engagement strategies with a mulch-faceted approach

Wondering how you can use this approach to help you and your project? Email us at to request more info or to book a complimentary meeting to discuss how we can meet your needs.